Smudge - Reiki Energy Clearing Mist 25 ml

Smudge - Reiki Energy Clearing Mist 25 ml

Reiki Energy Clearing mist 


A well-known practice in Reiki treatments is to smudge, or clear the client/room of negative energy. Common practices include burning sage or Palo Santo but not everyone can handle the scent or create smoke in their private practices. My custom blend of 5 energy clearing oils is THE perfect alternate. The 5 ingredients used are Cedar (Virginian), Frankincense, Hyssop, Palo Santo and Lemongrass. 


Custom blended by hand, each ingredient is intended to purify, and protect clients. 

Instructions on each bottle, simply spray twice over the client before treatment and then once after. 

All products are made with ORGANIC pure essential oils. 


Cedar (Virginian) – providing strength, grounding and power (Cedrus derived from the Arabic word for Power). Steadying our busy minds, Cedar helps to centre and ground us. In North American sweat lodge ceremony, Cedar is offered to the ancestors to provide guidance and clarity in visions quests and purification.  


Frankincense – provides tranquil contemplation and spiritual liberation as it has been used in the purification, protection ceremonies for thousands of years – ancient Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Hebrew, Greek and Roman civilizations. The English name is derived from medieval French work “Franc, meaning pure or free. Like Sandalwood, Frankincense assists in opening the crown chakra, quieting the mind and supporting the third eye. 


Hyssop – revered by the Hebrews, it is one of the bitter herbs used to purify the temple. The Hebrew name ezob means holy herb. The bible tells us that on the night of Passover, God instructed Moses to dip the Hyssop branch int the blood of the lam and mark the lintel of each Hebrew home to announce to the Angel of Death to Passover and protect its inhabitants.  


Palo Santo – Holy Wood – in the tradition and ritual of the native central and south America, Palo Santo was burned in spiritual ceremonies to protect and heal. Trees were never cut down to attain the wood, only trees that fell from the age are harvested. 


Lemongrass is our founder’s favourite scent and this infuses the blend with purification and protection. It does have a protective quality as it repels insects as well as being an antiseptic and having anti-infectious elements.  

All these elements are combined with love and infused with the intention of protection. The scent is also OUT OF THIS WORLD!. 


All products are handmade in glass bottles which can be reused/refilled for other household uses to support the environment. 

  • Smudge - Reiki Energy Clearing mist 25 ml

    Available in 25 of 50 ml sizes this custom blend will have your muscles aches a distant memory in no time.


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